3 Keys To Surviving A Fight

Omne trium perfectum. Understand? It means “Everything that comes in threes is perfect”. You see, many things come in threes. Book authors use the rule of three as a basis for keeping humor funny or to give story’s a pattern and a rhythm. Many consider good health to be comprised of having a sound mind, body, and spirit. And who doesn’t love The Three Stooges? Self defense … Continue reading 3 Keys To Surviving A Fight

Books, Blogs, And Videos (Oh My!): 14 SUPERB Martial Arts Resources

It’s the space age, baby! Right? Ok, maybe not quite. But you’ve gotta admit: technology has gotten crazy…techie. Technologically, we have advanced a lot (maybe not so much in other areas though). Remember the stone ages? The internet, science, and lack of secrecy and life or death battles has really changed the martial artists, and so too, the martial arts. Just like with most everything, these … Continue reading Books, Blogs, And Videos (Oh My!): 14 SUPERB Martial Arts Resources

Fighter’s Fable: The Blind Man and The Toy

Once upon a time, there was a happy father. One day the father decided to buy a new toy for his son. He bought a wonderful toy with many moving parts and flashing lights. He returned home anxious to assemble the toy and present it to his son. After carefully and thoroughly studying the toy’s assembly instructions and yet still many unsuccessful attempts to assemble … Continue reading Fighter’s Fable: The Blind Man and The Toy

The #1 Weapon Ever Made (+ How To Use It Best)

It is a long distance weapon that can be used further than a sniper rifle. Or it can be used at such close range that you are literally face to face. It deals lethal force. Or just enough to resolve the situation. It is sharper than a sword forged by masamune. Yet also blunter and more powerful than a caveman’s favorite club (and I don’t mean not nightclub). It … Continue reading The #1 Weapon Ever Made (+ How To Use It Best)

Lessons from Wood (AKA Nature’s Black Belt)

You are truly in for a tree-t with today’s cup! (I know. Corny. I couldn’t resist doing it though…). There is a lot a tree can teach you. This isn’t a cup you want to start and leaf  halfway in. (Again, I had to do it). That’s knot (alright, that was the last one. Probably) to say that we need to sit in the same spot … Continue reading Lessons from Wood (AKA Nature’s Black Belt)

4 MAJOR Tips to Improve Your Training

Cue Rocky theme music. It’s the question every single martial artist wonders: how can I get better?! Well, here you go. This cup of kick is all about training and in it I’m going to give you FOUR different tips to improve your moves (or stillness if that’s your thing…). Ready? Let’s do this. #1 Prioritize performance First things first, one of the biggest tips I can give … Continue reading 4 MAJOR Tips to Improve Your Training

The Fighter’s Fightin’ Words

“Them’s fightin’ words!” Have you ever heard that expression before? Maybe you heard Yosemite Sam exclaim it. Or maybe you heard it in an old west cowboy show right before a fight starts. Or maybe it was an internet meme (probably again, right before a fight starts). Well, if you have, cool. If not, that’s cool too. Whether you have heard it or not is besides the … Continue reading The Fighter’s Fightin’ Words

Hidden Master: Albert Einstein

Martial artists truly can learn lots from nearly all walks of life, especially the amazing walkers (not the walking dead ones) who really stood out. And that’s straight real talk. Fo shizzle. If you look at the etymology of the characters for kung fu, you’ll find that the words actually don’t mean traditional Chinese martial art.  here’s what you’ll see: Kung (功/gōng) = merit, achievement, … Continue reading Hidden Master: Albert Einstein